Body Massage Oil - Tropical Energy Blend

Passion Tropicana

Body Massage Oil - Tropical Energy Blend

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Be ENERGISED with Biossentials’ tropical blend of invigorating natural botanical oils. Feel the zesty fragrant energy of lemongrasslime and ginger to refresh, uplift and recharge the senses.

Apply over body after shower or during massage sessions to nourish the skin and give your muscles the relaxation of a tropical vacation.

Blended with essential oils of: Lemongrass, Grapefruit, Lime, Cypress, Lemon and Ginger blended with cold pressed plant carrier oils.

Product Size: 100ml


The Biossentials Story

Founded in 1999 by leading natural healthcare professionals, Biossentials balances eastern and western philosophies built on a foundation of health and wellness reflecting the power of nature and the purity she offers. From humble beginnings, we have evolved providing a full range of spa, body and beauty products worldwide to meet the changing needs of the wellness and spa industry. Biossentials today continues to embrace nature’s goodness, providing products with easy-to-use DIY methods that invites participation in the creation of fresh, customised treatments, free of harsh chemicals and preservatives.